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(Suggested Citation Format)
(Suggested Citation Format)
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== Suggested Citation Format ==
== Suggested Citation Format ==
[Signal] Keith N. Hylton et al., [article/page/report name], AntitrustWorldWiki.com, ''available at'' [URL location] [(optional other parenthetical)] (as of [date], [time] GMT).
[Signal] Keith N. Hylton et al., [article/page/report name], Antitrust World Reports, ''available at'' [URL location] [(optional other parenthetical)] (as of [date], [time] GMT).

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Antitrust World Reports by Professor Keith N. Hylton

Widely recognized in the areas of law and economics, Keith Hylton has published numerous articles in American law journals and peer-reviewed law and economics journals. His textbook, Antitrust Law: Economic Theory and Common Law Evolution, was published by Cambridge University Press in 2003.

Professor Hylton joined the BU Law faculty in 1995 after teaching for six years and receiving tenure at Northwestern University School of Law. At BU Law, he teaches courses in antitrust, torts and labor law (view full faculty profile).

Research Assistants

Suggested Citation Format

[Signal] Keith N. Hylton et al., [article/page/report name], Antitrust World Reports, available at [URL location] [(optional other parenthetical)] (as of [date], [time] GMT).


  • Keith N. Hylton et al., Country Report: Romania (December 10, 2003), Antitrust World Reports, available at http://antitrustworldwiki.com/antitrustwiki/index.php/Romania_%28December_10%2C_2003%29 (noting Romania's ban on tying) (as of October 10, 2007, 05:30 PM GMT).
  • See Keith N. Hylton et al., Predatory Pricing Report, Antitrust World Reports, available at http://antitrustworldwiki.com/antitrustwiki/index.php/Predatory_Pricing_Report (as of September 5, 2007, 12:30 AM GMT).

Databases Notes

Special Reports

Country Reports

The following data represents a comprehensive survey of current antitrust regimes throughout the world. The original texts of individual statutes in each country were examined for the presence of various elements. Each included country receives an individual report here that indicates the presence or absence of these various elements in the country’s statutes. The presence of an element is accompanied by a short explanation and/or citation to the applicable statute. The elements themselves are defined here. Some definitions are broad and could be divided into subcategories, in these cases, detailed comments are provided. Each report also includes a numerical score for comparison across countries and regions, or for empirical analysis.

Europe: European Union
Austria Belgium Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia
Finland France Germany Greece Greenland Hungary
Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta
Netherlands Poland Portugal Slovak Republic Slovenia Spain
Sweden United Kingdom

Europe: Non-European Union
Albania Armenia Belarus Bosnia-Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia
Faroe Island Georgia Iceland Jersey, Channel Islands Macedonia Moldova
Norway Romania Russia Serbia-Montenegro Switzerland Turkey
Ukraine Yugoslavia/Serbia

Angola Benin Burkina Faso Cameroon Cote d'Ivoire Kenya
Malawi Mali Mauritius Namibia Nigeria Senegal
South Africa Tanzania Zambia Zimbabwe

Middle East and Northern Africa
Algeria Egypt Iran Israel Jordan Morocco
Qatar Saudi Arabia Syria Tunisia

South America
Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador Guyana
Paraguay Peru Uruguay Venezuela

Central America
Costa Rica El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Mexico Nicaragua

North America
Canada United States

Barbados Dominican Republic Jamaica Trinidad and Tobago

Azerbaijan Bangladesh Cambodia China Hong Kong India
Indonesia Japan Kazakhstan Korea Kyrgyzstan Lao PDR
Mongolia Pakistan Philippines Singapore Sri Lanka Taiwan
Tajikistan Thailand Uzbekistan Vietnam

Australia Fiji New Zealand Papua New Guinea