Kyrgystan (April 15, 1994)

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Score = 24

Governed by: Law of the Kyrgyz Republic on Restriction of Monopolistic Activities, Development and Protection of Competition, dated April, 1994. [1]

Category Subcategory Score Comment
Scope Extraterritoriality 1 Art. 2 extends scope to foreign companies conducting business within Kyrgyz markets
Remedies Fines 1 Art. 11 allows for fines
Prison Sentences 1 Art. 11 allows for criminal proceedings
Divestitures 1 Art. 18 allows for divestitures
Private Enforcement 3rd Party Initiation 1 Art. 22(2) allows for 3rd party civil suits
Remedies Available to 3rd Parties 1 Art. 22(2) allows for 3rd party recovery
3rd Party Rights in Proceedings 0
Merger Notification Voluntary 0
Mandatory 3 Art. 15 requires petitioning antimonopoly authority
Pre-merger 2 Art. 15 requires advance consent
Post-merger 0
Merger Assessment Dominance 1 Art. 15(3) considers dominant position
Restriction of Competition 1 Art. 15(3) considers limiting competition
Public Interest (Pro D) 1 Art. 15(3) allows for public interest defense
Public Interest (Pro Authority) 0
Other 0
Efficiency 1 Art. 15(3) allows for efficiency defense
Dominance Limits Access 1 Art. 6(1) prohibits limiting supply
Abusive Acts 1 Art. 6(1) prohibits dominant acts that infringe on the interests of others generally
Price Setting 1 Art. 6(1) prohibits price setting
Discriminatory Pricing 1 Art. 6(1) prohibits discriminatory pricing
Resale Price Maintenance 0
Obstacles to Entry 1 Art. 6(1) prohibits creating obstacles to the market
Efficiency Defense 1 Art. 6(2) allows for an efficiency defense
Restrictive Trade Practices Price Fixing 1 Art. 7(1) prohibits price fixing
Tying 1 Art. 6(1) prohibits tying
Market Division 1 Art. 7(1) prohibits market division
Output Restraint 0
Market Sharing 1 Art. 7(1) prohibits dividing a market based on buyers
Eliminating Competitors 1 Art. 7(1) prohibits eliminating economic agents from the market
Collusive Tendering/Bid-Rigging 1 Art. 7(1) prohibits collusive tendering, bid rigging
Supply Refusal 1 Art. 7(1) prohibits supply refusal
Efficiency Defense 1 Art. 7(3) allows for an efficiency defense


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