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Score = 20

Governed by: Act LVII of 1996 on the Prohibition of Unfair and Restrictive Market Practices entered into force on January 1 1997, as amended in December 2000 and put into effect Febuary 2001. [1][2][3][4][5][6]

Category Subcategory Score Comment
Scope Extraterritoriality 1 Article 1 reaches activities occurring abroad. [7]
Remedies Fines 1 The Act imposes fines.[8]
Prison Sentences 0
Divestitures 1 Article 31 allows divestiture of improper mergers.[9]
Private Enforcement 3rd Party Initiation 1 An affected party can file a report, which initiates a required assessment by the HCA on whether to proceed with action. A rejection is appeallable. [10]
Remedies Available to 3rd Parties 1 Affected parties can request compensation for damages. [11]
3rd Party Rights in Proceedings 0
Merger Notification Voluntary 0
Mandatory 3 Notification is mandatory.[12]
Pre-merger 2 Merger notification is required pre-merger.[13]
Post-merger 0
Merger Assessment Dominance 1 Article 30 considers whether a merging entity will be in a dominant position post-merger.[14]
Restriction of Competition 1 Article 30 considers whether a merger will impede competition.[15]
Public Interest (Pro D) 0
Public Interest (Pro Authority) 0
Other 0
Efficiency 1 Article 30 allows consideration of pro-competitive effects of a merger.[16]
Dominance Limits Access 0
Abusive Acts 1 Article 14 prohibits abusive acts by dominant firms.[17]
Price Setting 1 The HCA ruled predatory pricing as anti-competitive.[18]
Discriminatory Pricing 0
Resale Price Maintenance 1 The Act prohibits resale price maintenance[19]
Obstacles to Entry 1 Article 22 prohibits dominant firms from creating barriers to entry.[20]
Efficiency Defense 0
Restrictive Trade Practices Price Fixing 1 The Act prohibits cartels and other price-fixing arrangements. [21][22]
Tying 0
Market Division 1 The Act prohibits agreements that divide markets.[23]
Output Restraint 1 The HCA found anticompetitive the co-ordination of production and distribution.[24]
Market Sharing 0
Eliminating Competitors 1 The Act prohibits agreements that restrict comeptition in the market.[25]
Collusive Tendering/Bid-Rigging 1 Article 7 prohibits collusive tenders. [26]
Supply Refusal 0
Efficiency Defense 0


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